Project: Pronto World

The Problem
As Pronto scaled, it became more apparent that they needed a central client management “hub” both for customers, but also Pronto team members.

For example:

To sign up for a new services, clients would fill out various Formstack forms.

Project: Blog Engine

The Problem
Pronto Marketing’s original syndication service started with a WordPress plugin called AutoBlogged. AutoBlogged was a plugin that allowed websites to republish blog posts from another source.

AutoBlogged worked at first, but as Pronto continued to scale, and client needs changed, it was clear that they needed a more robust solution.

Project: Phoenix

The Problem
In 2008, Pronto Marketing started offering managed websites for small business. Originally Pronto used a custom WordPress theme with a fairly rigid design structure. The theme was successful in scaling with Pronto, but as the customer base grew, more problems began to arise:

It was difficult for local competitors to differentiate from one another
Designs were becoming increasingly out of date
Pronto’s designers lacked inspiration
The theme’s older architecture made it harder to integrate with newer technologies

The Solution
Instead of refactoring their existing theme, Pronto decided to build a new one from scratch.