Kan Ouivirach

Kan Ouivirach

What interests you about technology and software development?

I earned the Ph.D. in computer science in 2013 and almost decided to do a postdoc. At that time Agile became more popular and ubiquitous. Many companies successfully adopt it as technology has been growing so fast. This draws my interest and makes me feel software development was not boring and mystery anymore. Therefore, I made a decision to move from academia to industry.

I joined an Agile team at Pronto Marketing as a research & development engineer. Now we start a new brand called “Pronto Tools” that mainly focuses on the software development part. It’s not that being a researcher blocks me from the software development or any technology, but being a software developer gives me a more open opportunity to practically do something with. This quote “Making software can change the world.” is not over the top. I also have a dream that I want to leverage the synergies between academia and industry.

My dream is about to come true. 🙂

What is the most interesting project/feature you've worked on at Pronto Tools?

Everything here is interesting to me. Each project has its own challenge and requires different skills to solve. If you ask me about what the most challenging project I’m working on, I’m gonna say that it’s a project to make Pronto really use data to drive its business and solve real-world problems for SMEs. This is the one I always dream of and really want to make it happen.

What is the most interesting challenge in this weird culture

Since this team was built from the ground up and started Agile from the beginning, we have no silos and communication issue is no longer a big concern in this team. For me, the most interesting challenge is to keep sustainable pace to be able to continuously improve ourselves, maintain our productivity, and keep delivering value to people.

What are you building in your free time?

I love to build up my knowledge base and skills in my free time. Actually, it’s any time I want to! There are so many things in technology to get into and learn.

What's your favorite Pronto value?

Always be growing and learning. This value best represents who I am. I love to learn and take ownership for self-improvement. There are so many research areas to explore. I do love to try and learn new things. If change permits, I also love to talk to other teams, learn about what they do and how they work to get new perspectives.

Pronto is a great place. It has a plenty of opportunities to learn and provides a great environment that is enjoyable and encourages fast learning process.

What's your most embarrassing Pronto experience?


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Cory Brown

Cory Brown


If he's not making you smile with his quick wit, charm and kindness, Cory is hard at work serving customers at Pronto Marketing. His talents also include playing piano and navigating his motorbike through Bangkok’s sea of traffic with aplomb. - Cory's mother