Nattanicha (Natty) Phatharamalai

June 15th, 2016
Nattanicha (Natty) Phatharamalai

What interests you about technology and software development?

Software development is an art, and I like to create art! Technologies can change the world, and every single field needs technology. Mixing the art of development with technology can have a big impact. I enjoy working with teams and see how they grow up to change the world. Coaching is my favorite path to go.

What is the most interesting project/feature you've worked on at Pronto Tools?

Before we created Pronto Tools, I was part of the first small team and beginning of the in-house Research and Development team. I still think back to the first feeling when I joined the team and we started Blog Engine. During that time, we grew together, learned together, and built the team up together. From the first three people working in the first batch, we are now 12 strong. From day to day, we keep growing up. We never stop. I believe that my team can do anything. We know each other like a family.

What is the most interesting challenge in this weird culture

We are working in an Agile/Scrum way which gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves every two weeks. We have retrospectives, sometimes happy and sometimes drama. The team is close so it’s easy to get in touch with our feelings when we talk about things. But the good thing is we really love each other and care for others like close friends. We’re a small team but everyone is totally different (in the good way). We always brainstorm and hold deep discussions to ensure we find the best solution. The most important thing, we will not leave our friends behind. You will never walk alone!!!

What are you building in your free time?

I’m a coach. When I’m at home, I coach my little son. I think it’s really cool that I can use my knowledge in my life outside the office.

What's your favorite Pronto value?

Focus on the Team. If you want to make something great that meets your own expectation, you know the best and you can work alone. But if you want it to go beyond your expectation, it’s essential that you work with a team.