ConnectWise Forms Integration

An end to manually uploading contact form submissions to ConnectWise!

Configure each form to match your workflows

By default, each feed performs a contact and company lookup. You also have the option to create an opportunity, activity and/or service ticket.



Create new Contacts

Each time a form is submitted, the integration will perform an email lookup. New contacts will only be created if they do not already exist in your system.


Create new Companies

Similar to contacts, the integration will only create new companies if one doesn’t already exist in your system.

Each new contact will be added as the primary contact for the new company.


Create new Opportunities

You have the option for each form to create an opportunity attached to the newly created company.

You can attach one of your Marketing Campaigns to a new opportunity to trigger powerful workflows.


Create new Activities

Assign new activities to the right sales rep to make sure every form submission has a follow up action queued up.

Include field values visitors entered on your forms to ensure the most important information comes through.


Create new Service Tickets

Capturing form data in the ticket’s description field allows you to customize you support form just the way you want it, and still receive all the information your techs need.


Conditional Logic

When conditional logic is enabled, form submissions will only be exported to ConnectWise when the condition is met.


Read what our users are saying


"The ConnectWise Forms Integration has made a HUGE impact on our ability and promptness to follow up on a web lead. It automatically enters their information directly into Connectwise, and creates an Opportunity and Activity for me or one of my staff to follow up on that lead. This is a game changer in our ability to take full advantage of our online marketing efforts, and Pronto is leading the way. Great job guys!"


Sam Hodgett,
Business Development Guru

“Our website leads have grown significantly. While that made the sales staff happy, it was difficult for the support staff to keep up with the volume of manually entering them into ConnectWise. CW Forms Integration now does the work of entering the leads with consistency, accuracy and immediacy. The settings match our existing configuration and work processes.

CW Forms Integration has freed us to focus on high value work for our prospects and clients.”


Ann B.,

"We love the new ConnectWise Forms Integration from Pronto. Having new leads go right into our pipeline with activities automatically generated is such a time saver. It also allows us to act quickly when the lead is the warmest."


Eric Rieger, CHSP
WEBIT Services, Inc.

"Pronto’s ConnectWise forms integration has made it much easier for us to accurately and automatically import data directly from our website to our CRM. I love working with vendors like Pronto that are willing to take an active role in developing feature requests with resellers in mind!"


Dave Blake,
SWAT Systems

Built on top of Gravity Forms, WordPress’ top forms plugin

This means you get all the great features for Gravity Forms with the added bonus of sending all data to ConnectWise.

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