Sasiwimol (Gam) Jiratchanon

Sasiwimol (Gam) Jiratchanon

What interests you about technology and software development?

I’ve always been interested in computing from an early age. Computers are still the most powerful tools in our lives. From communicating with things like artificial intelligence and internet of things, technology is getting smarter everyday. This has motivated me into studying about software development at university and now as a full time software engineer.

What is the most interesting project/feature you've worked on at Pronto Tools?

I’m a part of many interesting projects at Pronto Tools. We built awesome features and integration with other systems to best suit to service business. It’s challenge me when our team finishes something, and it’s out there, and people can use it.

What is the most interesting challenge in this weird culture?

Logical thinking, problem-solving, and building a family-like work environment.

What are you building in your free time?

I love watching movies, reading books, and going out for meals with friends.

What's your favorite Pronto value?

Susu!!! When things are difficult we stay positive, never give up and work as a team. We believe that work and fun belong together. 😀

Cory Brown

Cory Brown


If he's not making you smile with his quick wit, charm and kindness, Cory is hard at work serving customers at Pronto Marketing. His talents also include playing piano and navigating his motorbike through Bangkok’s sea of traffic with aplomb. - Cory's mother