Thummaporn (Fun) Nimpanomprasert

Thummaporn (Fun) Nimpanomprasert

What interests you about technology and software development?

I’m interested in how technology works to gather more data from different real time sources and be able to easily analyze it in a short period of time. Technology from applying data makes a comfortable life, such as interesting projects like Google’s Project Glass make our mobile phones know better and what we want to do.

New technology and new algorithms for training robots/machines is also my focus.

What is the most interesting project/feature you've worked on at Pronto Tools?

The most interesting project I’ve worked on is figuring out the real revenue for each service type with discount plans.

Growing average revenue per client is extremely important for Pronto Marketing. ANd while discounting can generate more short term signups, it’s important to look at the long term to make sure promotions are worthwhile.

What is the most interesting challenge in this weird culture?

Trying to learn new skills from zero. In Pronto, we have fostered to still be hungry for learning new skills although we are discouraged in hard topics - but it’s so challenging!

What are you building in your free time?

I love puzzles. Sudoku, flow puzzles, and logic puzzles are my brain food. I usually play it in my free time. It’s a relaxing way to refresh myself and allows me to meet the other commitments with renewed energy every time I play.

What's your favorite Pronto value?

Embrace Change is my favorite value. Everyone has to grow up everyday. Business keeps moving forward, if we adhere to something our competitors will stay ahead of us. I know this truth very well, so I'm ready to change to challenge with new experience.

What's your most embarrassing Pronto experience?

The first day we moved to our new office I walked right into the glass door. 🙁

Cory Brown

Cory Brown


If he's not making you smile with his quick wit, charm and kindness, Cory is hard at work serving customers at Pronto Marketing. His talents also include playing piano and navigating his motorbike through Bangkok’s sea of traffic with aplomb. - Cory's mother